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Software Development

It is the computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in software release life cycle and resulting in software product.
  • Positively, one of the highly and largely services in demand.
  • Essential for all level of the organization to speed up the work and for competitive working environment of the organization.
  • Opportunities to enter global market through software programmers and social media.
  • Creating a framework according so as to create growth and globalize at all aspects.

  • Franchise Opportunities

    We can see it is one field that has yet to take full advantage of their market and culture to provide the best possible service for their customers. For distribution companies to become a true partner to their customers, they need to become Business franchisee.

    Franchising is the practice of the right to use a firm's business model and brand for a prescribed period of time. Our vast experience in the market and the amazing franchise business providers with us enables to distribute the Franchise in India to the franchise business seekers, we are working to provide good infrastructure to the mankind and the development of our country.

    Agency Distribution

    The movement of goods and services from the source through a distribution channel, right up to the final customer, consumer, and planning successful product .expanding through individual entrepreneur to enlarge the market and product.

    We have ample number of agency providing companies eagerly looking for agency partners all over the country, we work towards distributing these branded agencies in the marker, which enables all the business seekers to get a right kind of agencies to become a successful entrepreneur.

    Building Freelancers

    If it's an industry, you can scan your local business pages, pick up a business weekly, or perhaps purchase a Book of Lists for your nearest major city. These guides state revenue for many public and private companies across many industries, so you could get a sense of who might be good future clients, and where the money is in your region. Some cities have a ton of medical facilities, while others are technology hubs, for instance.

    International Marketing Business

    International marketing is the application of marketing principles in more than one country, by companies overseas or across national borders. International marketing is based on an extension of a company’s local marketing strategy, with special attention paid to marketing identification, targeting, and decisions internationally.

    Domestic Marketing Business

    Domestic marketing business firm faces only one set of competitive, economic, and market issues and essentially must deal with only one set of customers, although the company may have several segments in a market.

    Domestic marketing refers to business or services provided within the geographical limits of the country. Capital requirement and risk factor is less in the domestic marketing business. Entrepreneur and business seekers will be supported through our large domestic marketing distribution channel.

    Outbound Closing Business

    Outbound sales reps waste a lot of time on mind-numbing tasks. They spend only a small part of their workday practicing their core skill: closing deals. Our expertise take the outbound closing business challenge and use effective strategies to close the deals within the prescribed time frame guidelines.

    Three Reasons to Work with Us

    Professional Quality

    all DCM india Services meet the most demanding requirements, The quality standards we set ourselves are at least as high as those set by our customers.

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    Perfect Implementation

    We Not Only Focus on the Project Completing Part , we will also Look the Implementation part too . With Out Implementation we wont Consider the Project Completed.

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    On Time Delivery

    We at DCM india , Know that Time is more Value then Money in any Business . What every Project We will Do , We Work Ontime to Complete it and hand Over to the Client.

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    Business Development

    Business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations. It is a subset of the fields of business, commerce and organizational theory. Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

    Finance Accounting

    This is the field of accounting concerned with the summary, analysis and reporting of financial transactions pertaining to a business. This involves the preparation of financial statements available for public consumption. Stockholders, suppliers, banks, employees, government agencies, business owners, and other stakeholders are examples of people interested in receiving such information for decision making purposes.

    Call Center

    We can bridge the gap between you and your customers with our 24x7 call center phone answering services. Start experiencing increased sales and better conversion rates along with the satisfied customers. Our multi-channel call centers have real time reporting and 100% recording facilities. Whether you are a small / midsized company or a large enterprise, we can provide you with call center services such as order taking services and 800 answering services that will fit in perfectly with your organization's needs.

    Insurance Services

    Is a provider of data, underwriting, risk management and legal/regulatory services (with special focus on community fire-protection efforts and Building Code Effectiveness Evaluation) to property-casualty insurers and other clients.

    Legal Services

    we act as a mediator to facilitate the services the one who and all require thoroughly as per terms and condition. Reducing the risk level and smooth functioning for healthy results.

    Mortgage Services

    The changing scope of today's mortgage landscape has lenders looking for innovative solutions to meet fluctuating demand and counter high levels of default. Genpact's mortgage processing services span the globe, combining worldwide delivery capabilities with improvements in process performance that help mortgage lenders intelligently manage costs and improve customer satisfaction.

    Virtual Assistant

    Is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the VA's fees.

    Service assistants

    As a customer service assistant or adviser, you would deal with customer enquiries and any complaints. You would often be a customer's first point of contact with the company you work for.

    Project Distribution

    A distributed development project is a research & development (R&D) project that is done across multiple business worksites or locations. It is a form of R&D where the project members may not see each other face to face, but they are all working collaboratively toward the outcome of the project. Often this is done through email, the Internet and other forms of quick long-distance communication.

    Stock marketing

    A stockbroker is a regulated professional individual, usually associated with a brokerage firm or broker-dealer, who buys and sells stocks and other securities for both retail and institutional clients, through a stock exchange or over the counter, in return for a fee or commission.

  • Going through your own network-to one and other development for self and all in stock market to achieve all the bases and needful.
  • Educate yourself-Start your own investment portfolio.
  • Economics, finance, mathematics, accounting or business management is all good fields to get your undergrad degree in.
  • Professional titles similar to that of stockbroker include investment advisor, and financial advisor. Company Website: