Franchise brand

Building a franchise brand: Want to accomplish more in less time? Trust is one of the factor for franchisees: they have faith that the franchisor will provide them with the means and support to keep their business going. Dcm India is a franchise based company which provides their franchisees with the guidelines of branding and promotion of their franchise business. Branding is one of the most important and powerful components of owning a franchise business.…

"Franchise brand"

dream city management private limited

Globalization is a standard practice across many industries in this era. Information technology,software development, are also excelling and growing in a rapid pace and has contributed in large social interactions. Small business firms are witnessing increase of revenue by adopting to latest technological trends and innovation.Any potential entrepreneur can seek innovative business ideas by researching and experimenting existing business trends of a digital business models that drives the business growth.To keep up with the ever-changing…

"dream city management private limited"


  If you were wondering what to do with your life, and if starting a business would be on your list as a career option and hence decided to take a chance at creating your own income to work for yourself which would nearly be impossible to separate your personal life from your professional life. You have a mind for numbers, assets and an entrepreneurial drive. The only thing you don’t have is an idea…


Legal Services

  We facilitate our clients by managing their internal procedures and tackling external disputes, such as regulatory compliance concerns, industrial disputes, corporate structuring and much more. Our incredibly cost-effective solutions assure over 65% cost savings and make it possible for our clients to expand their internal capacity and retain superior quality at the same time.

"Legal Services"